Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Korn Fans

Jul 25th, 2007 // 20 Comments

Devo.jpgWhen Korn recently put out a clip for a parody film entitled Devolution: Nature’s U-Turn, they were apparently unaware they had kinda, sorta copped the longtime shtick of Ohio’s finest (non-Pere Ubu) rock band. Devo’s Gerry Casale, still as mordantly pissed-off as ever, told Rolling Stone that after Devo’s Web site made brief mention of the similarities, Korn fans came crawling out of the woodwork to talk their special kind of shit:

“Their fanbase, being pretty cretinous, took it like a serious smackdown,” Casale says. “They started writing vicious hate-filled e-mails saying, ‘You guys don’t own the word “devolution” What makes you think you can come out of retirement and say stuff about the great Korn?’ We went, ‘Wow, this is insane. This is a perfect example of devolution. You’re a case in point, pal. Gee, I’m sorry we thought all this up thirty years ago and have been putting it out there and preaching it ever since.’”

“I wouldn’t hope for anything from people today, are you kidding?” he says. “We live in a subhuman mean-ass society where everyone has learned to be totally disgusting and spiritless. It starts at the top and trickles down. When you have an administration like we have, everybody learns that ‘fuck you’ is the rule of the day. Every time the president speaks it’s a painful example that de-evolution is real.”

We’re guessing this means we don’t get to hear Korn’s take on “Mongoloid” or “Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’)” on their upcoming covers album.

Devo Smack Down Korn, Talk First New Album In Nearly Two Decades [Rolling Stone]


  1. dippinkind

    we must repeat

  2. mackro

    @Hyman Decent: is there a source for that, besides “Al Gore” on Stereogum?

  3. Bazooka Tooth

    Hey, and you know what else? I an Mackaye drives a car. And you know what? That car runs on gas. Gas that comes from greedy oil companies! What a fucking sellout, huh?

    Dude, they lent their music to a company founded by a guy who (maybe) gave money to W. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking hate that lying cocksucker, too, but, ‘oooooooooooh Devo are such sellouts’? Sorry, guy.

  4. mike a

    Oh No! It’s Korn!

  5. cerulgalactus

    Korn Powers – ACTIVATE!

  6. janine

    Writing a song for a commercial for a gas company isn’t the same as donating money to Bush, either. If you’ve managed to live your life in a way that your actions don’t lead to a single Republican making money, I salute you and I also call bullshit.

  7. Hyman Decent

    @mackro: I did a Google search for “Bush,” “Michael Dell” and “money OR contributions,” and this appears to be the highest result from a non-partisan outlet. Quote:

    Dell is a supporter of the Republican Party and especially of President George W. Bush. He has given the maximum of US$ 200,000 to Bush’s first campaign, and more than a quarter of a million to the reelection campaign.

    1. Buying gas isn’t the same as writing a song for a commercial for a gas company.
    2. All gas companies are moneygrubbing opportunists but not all the CEO’s of PC manufacturers donated that much to Bush.
    3. I’m not knocking Devo for “selling out,” I’m knocking them for doing a deal with (the) De(vi)ll.

  8. The Riffage

    What about the new Jeep commercial, where a, uh, Jeep drives through the video for “Whip It”? I died a little bit inside when I saw that.

  9. Bazooka Tooth

    Janine- EXACTLY.

  10. Halfwit

    Supporting evil or not, whatev…

    I would drop $.99 for a Korn version of “Mongoloid” in a heartbeat.

  11. Ted Striker

    (the) De(vi)ll.

    Ah. I see what you did there. Pretty clever.

    Moreover, you inadvertantly named Korn’s new studio album. Might wanna trademark that pretty soon, skippy.

  12. Cam/ron

    Devo sold out twice.

    They hawked Honda scooters about 20 years ago as can be seen in this clip: [youtube.com]

    They produced a “Devo 2.0″ version of themselves for Disney where they had kids sing and perform their songs for shopping malls.

  13. mike a

    It doesn’t bother me that Devo has licensed their recordings for TV commercials. What annoys me is the way they play it off in interviews like “we’re furthering our de-evolutional message by subverting the medium of TV commercials.” Come off it, guys: just admit that a big company offered a boatload of money that at least four-fifths of you needed. We won’t love you any less for it.

  14. nonce

    Marry me, Gerry Casale!

  15. dippinkind

    Honda scooters, laser disc players, Target, Miller, Swiffer, Dell, Devo has been ‘selling out’ for years, and their claims that they’re subverting the medium from within or whatever do always seem a little lame and I always with they’d just say they wanted the money… though it is also a little true, if you’re familiar with all the lyrics, Target using “Beautiful World” (it’s not for me) and Miller using “Freedom of Choice” (freedom from choice is what we want) does subvert the message of the commercials – but only for a tiny fraction of the viewers. I do love that the band actually re-recorded Whip It with the “Swiff It” lyrics rather than just letting some studio band do it, and DEV2.O is pretty much the most awesome concept ever, or at least it was the first Devo product that I’ve liked at all since Shout.

  16. FionaScrapple

    “Cretinous” is an understatement.

  17. iheartponeez

    While I agree that Korn’s fans are amongst the dregs of society, it seems odd to want credit because Korn used the concept of devolution. David Bowie doesn’t bitch at everyone who cross-dresses that they stole it from him. Black Sabbath didn’t demand that any other band invoking Satan should make sure to thank Ozzy.

    If there’s anything to be learned from mainstream music it’s that repackaging old ideas can sell, and being ahead of one’s time often doesn’t.

    But then again, there’s no denying the entertainment value of a bitchfight between a bunch of angsty post-teens stuck in a culture 5 years dead and an old guy with sour grapes.

  18. El Tejon

    @Cam/ron: It was his daughter.

  19. Hyman Decent

    “…Every time the president speaks it’s a painful example that de-evolution is real.”

    Dude, you shoulda looked before you leapt into this. I’ll repost here someone else’s Stereogum comment I posted there:

    Michael Dell has donated a tremendous amount of money to George W. Bush’s various campaigns and to the Republican Party. Devo is now dead to me.

    Consider the missives from the Korn fans instant karma.

  20. Feh Am Legend

    Again late to this.

    For all those cries of sellout, and supporting the man, I posit that you never really “got” Devo at all. Hell, their 2nd album had a song called “Devo Corporate Anthem” fer christsake. They released an collection of Devo MIDI songs. Devo is and has always been all about “selling out”, about exploiting the whatever medium by whatever means, about satirizing our culture by gleefully infecting it at every possible turn.

    @Hyman Decent: While I understand your principles, once you start following the money, your only option is to pretty much live in a cave. Do you watch network or cable TV, buy any major label CDs, read books published by the major houses? Because all of it’s owned by rich white dudes, who will do everything thing they can to make sure the game is tilted in their favor. If you’re going to boycott artist for indirectly supporting the man, then you have to apply that same rule to all the media you consume. And honestly, there are few among us who can claim to be that indie.

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