Beyonce’s Spill Results In Sony Playing Whack-A-Mole With Video Sites

Jul 26th, 2007 // Comment

beyoncebyebye.jpgTuesday night’s Beyonce concert, where the singer took a tumble down some steps before performing “Ring The Alarm,” had a curious coda: A plea to not post clips of Beyonce’s fall on the video-sharing site YouTube. Of course, some people didn’t heed that call, and grainy clips of the incident popped up faster than you can say “You must not know ’bout me.”

Sony BMG has since started the long process of making “copyright claims” on all the videos, apparently since most of them contain two minutes of “Ring”; of course, that hasn’t stopped videos from popping up in place of the ones that have gone away. If you haven’t seen the clip yet, searching on “beyonce fall orlando,” or “Ring The Alarm gone wrong,” will get you a few results; just don’t click on the one by this guy, who apparently thought the dearth of B-falling videos would be a perfect opportunity to put up a video personal of sorts. The entire two-minute clip is a “sensitive” photo of him, interspersed with a still shot like the one above. He’s so far received about 80,000 views on the clip, although he disabled comments, so no ladies have come a-callin’ yet.

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