Courtney Love Lays Claim To “First Celebrity Blogger” Title

Jul 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

courtney.jpgA few highlights from the three screeds–total word count: 5,659–that Courtney Love left on her MySpace blog last night:

A declaration that she’s going to embrace her gay fans: “it took me til NYC to accept the factthat there are no dudes in the demo and you know what? FUCKING EXCELLENT! i embrace this! id rather have homos any fucking day being that i am a gay mn trannie any fucking waay.”

A disowning of the pretty terrible America’s Sweetheart: “my judgement was wonky on the last record and it sor tof just does not count, ilike mono an djulian and lal the drugs i guess and maybe a few mor ebut i can te ven look atthat thing the art is so bad and it sold NOTHING and ididnt tour bout it and jann didnt give e the cover ont he end,k ghe piulle dit cos i was too fucked up – so what wa sthe point? i think i easx blown by n ot havun g my stone cover but it barely made a dent”

A plea for people to quit it with the plastic surgery, and a potential hook for a “people going back to ‘their old selves’ trend story in Styles: “plastic surgery wieght sieght platic surgery plastic esiurgery weight- christ i dont remeber it being like this grwoing up i guess weve hjust turned into the culture we were always afraid of turning into look i OWN IT THAT IN MY “OUT SICK” ERA i went too far, i certainly dont have forehead or cheek implants or whtever or a FACELIFT thats insane im far tooyoung! but i did and i OWN THIS, did a trout mouth, with a subtsnce that doesnt fade, so it takes surgery to restore my face to natural, i feel like m,y mouth is too big still so im gonna have to go back and RESTORE it to NATURAL, thats all, iwish it wasnt a HUGE frickin story but its NOTHING>
and yet again i am not a trained TYPIST and i dont have any wish to be, miss perfect typist /grammr teacher so please piss off my nads- id like to work again and id ont want what happened when my judgement was impaired to affect my ability to be expressive and ive grown to like my OWN face the one god gave me, and i want it BACK, perhaps this is the new trend in fact i know three seperate people in public life who are having things rescineded, nose jobs widened, boob jobs out etc, idont like being assoicted with drastic plastic and i just simply and i thought in a donwplaying manner alluded to exploring the concept of perhaps and i say this with zero anticipation becus eit is bloody painful PERHAPS consulting with a very rarefied and very high end surgoen to go back to just ME, i dont lik ewhat i see in the mirror never have i, but i like being content with what i see in the mnirror cosd its REAL, at least.”

An allusion to Drew Barrymore’s “new personal life”: “anyway i just saw ms Barrymores UK Vogue and she looks great, im so happy for her an dhappy for her new life her new personal life wich i sure as shit am not blogging about but its been really good for me and for Franny -= we had our little estrangement but shes family to me and im family to her and its lovely to have that dumb little etsrangement phase over. It was pretty much all my fault anyways, shes a good fabulous girl and ive missed her madly shes always given me the best advice of pretty much anyone and ussually its been ignored but now im pretty much allears.”

The claim that she was, in fact, the first celebrity blogger, Wil Wheaton be damned: “i know iwa son phine woth head os my Space and iwas klike oi blogged too afarid to ask him actually i hate that workd BLOG iwas talking to poeple on the net when AOL first started !!!!fST fuckit i was the first celeb blogger end of story, ical;led it posting however!”

Confusion about MySpace and its admittedly odd ways: “pls esplain wahta kudos means?”

There’s more–including a recollection of hanging out with Billy Corgan and The Game author Neil STRAQUSS Strauss, which must have been, um, hilarious–and while I find myself agreeing with her stance on plastic surgery, my eyes are starting to cross, so if I missed anything absolutely crucial, please let me know. Also, who’s the “stalker” she compares to a “shitty reebok” in the now-deleted-but-still-in-my-RSS post called “pop singers in the cut out bin”?

Courtney Love’s MySpace Blog [MySpace]


  1. Graham

    I thought LOL-Kitteh was a fake language.

  2. Ned Raggett

    i know iwa son phine woth head os my Space

    Future generations have a new Rosetta Stone.

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