Jul 26th, 2007 // 2 Comments

esmee.jpgSo what does Universal Music Publishing’s decision to DMCA the 29-second dancing baby mean for the careers of singers hoping to follow in the footsteps of Esmee Denters, who was allegedly signed by Justin Timberlake on the strength of her singing other peoples’ songs? (We’re guessing Natasha Bedingfield is OK with Esmee’s rendition of “Unwritten,” since she shows up at the end of that clip.) Is this a sign that young Esmee’s YouTube-derived backstory may be more than a bit phony? [YouTube]

  1. Dan Gibson

    This seems like a slipup from an overeager (and soon to be unemployed) Universal employee. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire Esmee story was a bit of a kayfabe at this point, either.

  2. zaky

    I STILL so don’t understand this Esmee crap. She is a dreadful singer. Dreadful. Awful. Crap. I’m *sure* this shit is completely fabricated.

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