Our Roster Of Guest-Bloggers Is Still In Flux

Jul 27th, 2007 // Comment

Hey everybody. My name is Matthew Perpetua, and I’m going to be Idolatin’ for you all day long. You might know me from my site Fluxblog, where I’ve been writing about mp3s most weekdays for five years or so. If you’re an obsessive R.E.M. fan, you may be familiar with my Pop Songs 07 project, in which I’m writing a bit about every song in that band’s catalog.

Cinema buffs probably don’t know me for my work on The Movie Binge, because for some reason the site is having trouble finding an audience in spite of the fact that it has a really fantastic roster of regular writers. People who insist on only reading things published by large corporations may be aware of my regular columns for ASAP and MTV’s Urge, but I don’t know, maybe not? I have no idea who reads that stuff, to be honest. If the only blog you’ve ever read aside from Idolator is Stereogum, then perhaps you have a dim recollection my brief guest stint over there a couple years back. What I’m saying is, I’m not new to the Internet or writing about music, and…well, I’m not exactly unqualified to throw some links at you and talk about some songs. Let’s do this.

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