Live Nation May Open Its Heart (And Wallet) To Madonna

Jul 27th, 2007 // Comment

madonna.jpgRumors that Madonna is going to sidestep working with major record labels and pair up with concert-promotion behemoth Live Nation have been getting louder lately, and Digital Music News is reporting that the “massive touring, merchandising, and recording arrangement” between the two may be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of–you may want to shield your eyes if you aren’t a fan–$160 million-$180 million. It makes sense for Madonna and Live Nation to pair up–at this point, her stage shows (and their attendant controversies) are a lot more of a cash cow than her newer music–but we’re curious if the pop star’s catalog is involved in this deal; if it isn’t, the price tag may be a bit too high, especially if Madge is going to go the nu-Bee Gees route on her next album.

Dollar Valuations Surface on Madonna, Live Nation Discussion [Digital Music News]

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