Lead Singer Critiques His Critics, Breaks New Ground In Number-Rating System

Jul 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments

oxbowwww.jpgPaper Thin Walls rang up Eugene Robinson, lead singer of the frequently-compared-to-the-Jesus Lizard outfit Oxbow, to give a once-over to reviews of his band’s recent album The Narcotic Story. Aspiring Oxbow reviewers, take note: the things he likes about his band’s reviews include mentions of his upcoming book, references to Davids Mamet and Lynch, and Paper Thin Walls’ review-a-song approach; things he’s a little weary of include Jesus Lizard comparisons and … uh, David Yow comparisons. And of course, there’s the special brand of ire that he reserves for whoever doles out the number grades at Pitchfork:

Great review. But the 7.4 rating is not what this review supports and I’d be very surprised if the reviewer gave it the 7.4 rating. The 7.4 rating was a blessed gift from some other editorial squib who, in a moment of grand dyspepsia, said “Fuck Oxbow. They’re dicks.” And he/she might be totally right about that.

Robinson gives the review a 9.1, and the number rating a “square root of -2,” which, if we remember our Sequential I Regents study guides correctly, is an imaginary number. Which opens up a lot of “was he hoping that the number grade doled out during a particularly feverish pre-deadline dream?” questions, if nothing else.

Get In The Ring: Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson responds to his record reviews [Paper Thin Walls]

  1. Al Shipley

    The fact that he interprets a 7.4 out of 10 as “fuck this band” makes me really wonder if all bands who complain about reviews/number ratings would consider anything under a 9 (or maybe Pitchfork’s “best new music” dividing line, 8) a slap in the face. I mean shit, I don’t hear many new albums that I think would merit a 7.4 or higher, I’d think that’s pretty damn good.

  2. blobby

    Yeah, bitching about three out of four stars is kind of whiny.

  3. Oxbow

    yes. but we like to whine. in lieu of large amounts of cash it seems we should be able to whine. especially when someone somewhere thinks that multimillionaire Lil Wayne’s record is BETTER? hahahahaha….oh man. Eau d’indignity. but I am generally an INGRATE, so your critique of my critique of their critique is dead on.

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