Indie-Rock Bartender Offers Hurricanes, Dim Hope For Pavement Reunion

Jul 27th, 2007 // 7 Comments

snipshot_e4we6ggvcu7.jpgMark Ibold is best known for his stints as a member of both Pavement and Sonic Youth, but when he’s not playing bass in a seminal indie rock band, he pays his bills by bartending at the Great Jones Cafe in Manhattan. In an interview with New York magazine, Ibold offers some comments about the restaurant’s famous clientele, anecdotes about dealing with messy eaters and loud drunks, and some vague glimmer of hope for a Pavement reunion tour within the next few years. (“”Our booking agent seems to think we’re going to be doing a reunion tour sometime in the next couple of years,” he says. “But it’s definitely not official”)

After the cut, Ibold answers the most important questIon: Who gets more action, musicians or bartenders?

I guess it’d be easier for a bartender because there’s a bit more of a one-on-one experience. When you combine that with one person — or both — drinking a lot, it seems to have started a lot of relationships.

Drinking and talking, eh? I guess that works.

Pavement and Sonic Youth Bassist Mark Ibold Slings Hurricanes at Great Jones Cafe [NYM]

  1. CortneyH

    Oh, I have to go there when he’s working sometime. Then I will have been to Mark Ibold’s bar and trick-or-treated at Steve Malkmus’s house.

  2. howtallareyou

    How long has Jeff Tweedy bartended for Pavement?

  3. Dickdogfood

    Does he mix his cocktails with a plastic-tipped cigar?

  4. Jon W

    What about Free Kitten!!!!!?!?!

  5. axel_f

    ^^ I would definitely attend a Free Kitten reunion

  6. yetimike

    Awww, I love that picture.

    He’s so cute!

  7. Visaforviolet

    Pavement Boy!
    God, no Free Kitten reunion, please -they were definitely better on paper than in actuality.

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