A Band From Portland That’s Kinda Spiritual, But Not Twee

Jul 27th, 2007 // 2 Comments

crisis.jpgPortland, Oregon’s Old Time Relijun‘s forthcoming Catharsis In Crisis may be the finale of something they are calling “The Lost Light Trilogy,” but you hardly need to have heard the previous installments to appreciate the record’s ecstatic quasi-Krautrock jams. The songs most often resemble Can circa Tago Mago; they have driving, claustrophobic rhythmics, and lead vocalist Arrington De Dionyso has a voice that splits the difference between Damo Suzuki and Malcolm Mooney. Nearly every cut seems to be right on the edge of cosmic bliss, but the album’s penultimate track, “In The Crown Of Lost Light,” is the most gloriously unhinged. By its conclusion, De Dionyso sounds as though he’s about to burst into pure white light, and the band seems to either fall apart into a pile or disintegrate into dust:

Old Time Relijun [MySpace]


  1. yetimike

    kinda spiritual but not twee?

  2. magista

    Please. Stop.

    Arrington is a guy who thinks he can Tuvan throat sing. He’s actually just a skinny white kid who went to Evergreen.

    I mean to each his own but really, Old Time Relijun has never been all that. Spiritual? No. Twee and affected? Yes.

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