A Gentle Reminder: Our Tipline Is As Wide-Open As Scott Stapp’s Arms, And A Lot Less Sweaty


Did you snag one of those low-priced tickets to tomorrow’s $3,000-a-couch Dave Matthews show? Were you there when Kelly composed her groveling note to Clive? Do you know about any new biodiesels that people trucking out to Lollapalooza can use? If so–or even if you just have a juicy bit of info that Idolator readers would be interested in!–you should hit up our tipline, reachable at tipsATidolator.com; we guarantee anonymity with all tips we receive.

(And yes, we know that the lure of Stapp probably wasn’t the best way to get you to read this, but what the hell, we’re a little less than three hours away from the opening pitch of tonight’s Mets game (see you at the post-show merengue concert!) and we’re feeling a little loopy.)