Jul 30th, 2007 // 3 Comments

kingstonnnnn.jpgToday’s TRL brings an important lesson about the word “suicidal” as it appears in Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls”: It’s dropped out of MTV’s plays of the video, but 100% OK for commercials touting Kingston’s debut album, which hits stores tomorrow. My Chemical Romance, you know what to do! [TRL]

  1. friends-o-clyde

    Am I wrong, or didn’t Papa Roach have a song that played on MTV that included the line “And tonight I’m thinking suicide”?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @friends-o-clyde: When was that, though? MTV’s bleeping has become a lot more oppressive–yet at the same time more arbitrary!–in the past two years or so. (Like do you think “Gin and Juice” could even make it on the channel today?)

  3. friends-o-clyde

    @Maura: You’re probably right. Perhaps this selective censorship is preventative? Since MTV has had crap programming over the last few years, I’m guessing nostalgic souls like me who remember the old MTV are ready to slit their wrists every time My Obnoxiously Expensive and Truly Unimportant Birthday Party is on as they flip through the channels.

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