Portland’s most significant independent music outlet, Music Millennium, plans to close one of its two locations, due to higher rent and, somewhat predictably, the state of the music industry. The Northwest location set to be closed brings an end to nearly thirty years at the location as well as the site’s stage which featured a number of in-store performances. In other news, FYE announced it would open a location nearby; the outlet would not feature local or national artists in-store, but it would offer a dollar off the new Shop Boyz disc. [Fox 12 Oregon]

  • CortneyH

    The amount of money I gave Music Millennium growing up…

    Ozone Records, another Portland biggie and staple of my childhood, bit the dust pretty recently too.

  • The Illiterate

    I haven’t been there in years, but in the late 70s and early 80s MM was easily the best record store in the NW. Still the only store I’ve ever been to that had so much stock they put it up on shelves instead of in racks. And the best import section I’ve ever seen.