Your Idolator Amerie Update: Every Hour On The Hour

Jul 30th, 2007 // 2 Comments

amerie_150x200.jpgIt’s not a secret (or at least, not a well-kept one) that Amerie’s stateside release date issues are a sensitive subject around the Idolator offices, but in order to show the fine people at Sony Urban/Columbia Records that there are still some people on this side of the pond who are eagerly awaiting the release of Because I Love It, we offer an Amerie news rundown after the cut:

ITEM: According to the World Entertainment News Network, Amerie’s label was concerned that her college education would frighten off potential fans. Not so, Sony Urban/Columbia Records! Not so!

ITEM: Thanks to the site, we learn that Amerie’s mother forbids her to have a boyfriend. The article quotes Amerie as saying “My mom is very traditional, and she didn’t understand the concept of dating. She didn’t understand why I’d ever want to call someone a boyfriend. It was a bad word in our house.” Thanks,! That information will make my purchase of Because I Love It, whenever it’s actually released in stores, a bit more enjoyable!

ITEM: states that Amerie is writing a screenplay, and would like David Beckham to star. No, Amerie’s mom, it’s not what you think! Amerie wants to get to know Victoria Beckham, as she has been a fan since the Spice Girls rose to fame.

ITEM: Finally, Starpulse shows a different side of the famously short-skirt-and-shorts wearing Amerie: The Amerie who wants to be known for her music. Says Amerie, “I don’t want my fans to be into my music because they think I’m hot. There are lots of sexy singers out there. That may be one facet of who I am, but I don’t want it to be the only one.” So true, Amerie. You know, what might help? If we could actually acquire the music without paying import prices. Are you listening, Sony Urban/Columbia Records? Anyone? Is this thing even on?

Amerie – Gotta Work (live) [Dailymotion]

  1. brainchild

    i was anxious for Amerie’s new album…. until I heard the whole thing. aside from three or four *fantastic* songs (one of which is the barely 90 second intro), it’s utter garbage. sony’s doing us a favor by not releasing it here.

    maybe they should just throw us a 4 song EP and keep it movin.

  2. jagboy98_99

    It’s a shame Columbia is sleeping on this amazing album. Now us Amerie fans are hearing the album date has been pushed back to NOVEMBER?!?!?! That means it’ll be too late for a Grammy nomination next year. Grrr looks like it’s time to pull out my petition template.

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