VH1 To Wring Every Last Bit Of Life From Video For “Mickey”

Having run out of reunions to stage for Bands Reunited and groups that would be dumb enough to subject themselves to a season of Bands On The Run, VH1 has decided to cannibalize its back catalog of videos for a new show where “two contestants will be given a small amount of money to remake a classic 1980s music video. The stars of the original video will then judge the entries and pick the winner.” It’s like On The Lot, only with way lower ratings expectations and the possibility of a cameo by the woman from Romeo Void!

Drew Barrymore is the “executive producer” for the show (and a convenient way to have a headline for this story that isn’t “VH1 Recycling Old Pop Culture … Again”), although according to Variety she’s not confirmed to appear on it yet. Also executive producing: Fabrizio Moretti, the Strokes drummer who is also Drew’s ex. So does that mean that this show has been in development for a while, and VH1 only pulled the trigger after watching that dreadful first episode of I Hate My 30s?

Barrymore rewinds ’80s vids for VH1 [Variety]