The Worst Album Cover of the Year Race Has Eight Arms to Hold You As Far Away As Possible

theftofocto.jpgHere is the cover for a fan-compiled album of Keane b-sides and outtakes. It’s presumably supposed to be a homage to the cover of Keane’s last album, but it ends up looking like something you’d encounter in The Legend of Zelda as you’re about to enter the water temple. “Link! Octo has been taken to Zora’s realm! You must save him!”

Also, the compilation includes a Keane cover of U2′s “With Or Without You,” which is like Christian Slater starring in a Jack Nicholson biopic.

Keane – The Theft Of Octo [Mellow Music]

  • Ned Raggett

    So does the lead guy need the money for beer or for rehab?

  • Bazooka Tooth

    I kind of like it?

  • SomeSound-MostlyFury

    Leave it to the guest blogger to make a Zelda reference…

  • chrisb

    I think it’s fantastic.

  • ascot-revival

    This isn’t nearly as bad as some of the others in the race. I’m rather keen on the font.

  • Tenno

    Tis Cthulu’s head, he’s riding a bad star to rock stardom!

  • brainchild

    yeah, the only thing wrong with this cover is that it’s being considered one of the worst.

    i mean, have we forgotten about the 8-bit digital kaleidoscopic vomit that is MIA’s album cover?

  • brasstax

    Right, from a graphic design standpoint, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this cover (except maybe the slight glow on the edges of the octopus). Keane’s obsession with the ocean and all things aquatic? Well, that’s something else all its own.

  • JedTheMime

    Zelda reference… delightful.

    Goon Squad reference… priceless.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen worse.
    I’m telling you…there had better be a gallery of these “worst cover” picks by the end of the year, so we can properly soak it all in.

    Or not.

  • sparkletone

    I kinda like it for the very sorta-Zelda-ness for which you slam it… The font used fits well with it too.

    Not bad!

  • queensissy

    Hmm. I like it. Then again, I’ve been playing Kingdom of Loathing…

  • Chris Molanphy

    No, no…Keane doing a cover of Coldplay’s “Clocks” would be like Christian Slater starring in a Jack Nicholson biopic…them doing U2′s “With or Without You” is like Christian Slater remaking The Godfather and taking the Don Corleone role.

  • revmatty

    veruca salt reference: nice

  • brasstax

    @revmatty: Veruca Salt was originally referncing the Beatles, so basically all of rock music is a big circle jerk.

  • Lucas Jensen

    Yeah. I think you are way off on this one. The design is pretty alright. The title? Terrible.

  • MJ

    Great, now I have the Zelda theme playing in my head.

  • grizzly

    I would have called a compilation of demos as “Before The Iron Sea” and a compilation of B-sides as “Beside The Iron Sea”.