The Archies Rudely Awakened By This “Internet” Thing

archieeeee.jpgRemember when you were a kid reading Archie comics, and they tackled “cutting edge” topics like video games? Well, an upcoming edition of Archie tackles a topic that’s very au courant–filesharing. (What, you thought it was going to be MySpace?) The official plot summary for “Record Breaker,” the lead story in the September issue:

“Record Breaker”: Instead of pressing CD’s, the Archies decide to sell downloadable files of their songs on the internet… which doesn’t translate to much profit once the 3 purchased files are shared over and over again!

Awww, poor kids. But wait, couldn’t Sabrina the Teenage Witch have put some sort of spell on the shared files? It would be kind of like the Zune’s “three plays, three days” thing, only, you know, more supernatural.

Archie becomes tool for the RIAA [Boing Boing]

  • loudersoft

    Just say no to rugs.

  • Ned Raggett

    Dilton’s all “I felt for sure that watermarking procedure would work…”

  • catdirt

    well at least people are interested in his band’s music- maybe he can use the fans to attract a booking agent? ha ha.

  • loudersoft

    i see the hidden message now — having the archies as spokespeople means that only white suburban kids with rich friends download music illegally

    good work, gg

  • Adam Bernard

    Were it not for Archie comics where would we learn our life lessons?

  • Nicolars

    Nice to see that Archie remains as au courant as in the 80s, when they tackled trends like legwarmers and breakdancing two or three years after they went out of style.

  • Ned Raggett

    Jughead’s hat is forever, though.

  • Jupiter8

    Seriously, isn’t it a little late for the gang gonna go all Metallica on anyone who downloaded “Sugar, Sugar”?

  • thenewblack

    Not to be an ass but are you guys just going to link to everything that The Daily Swarm does?

  • Maura Johnston

    @thenewblack: Yes, you’re right. Boing Boing, after all, is a really small site that no one reads, ever. Why, I’d never even heard of it before yesterday.

  • thenewblack

    well, of course boing boing is a site all of you read. and all of us. this just happened to be a good place to bring up the constant similarities in industry-related postings between idolator and the daily swarm – not to mention just the slightest bit of lag-time idolator has. it’s too conspicuous. it’s also lazy. again, not to be an ass, i enjoy both sites. but it’d be great if you found your own lane again.

  • Christopher R. Weingarten

    @thenewblack: It’s a shocking revelation that two websites that focus on the music industry have the same RSS feed.

  • Maura Johnston

    @thenewblack: if this is all your roundabout way to say that you can “show us how it’s done” during a guestblogging gig, you’re sure going about it in an odd way. but e-mail me and we can work it out — i’ll even let you get nasty about AHB in a post.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda makes me wish Dan DeCarlo was still alive. Not a fan of Stan Goldberg.

  • katieee

    Jughead, man – hit the bong, eat some burgers, relax. This whole thing will work itself out.

  • zibby

    Juggie’s got some dope pants there.