Listening Station: It’s Good to be King of Prussia

Jul 31st, 2007 // 7 Comments

kop.jpgKing of Prussia are not from that benighted town of malls–they’re from Athens, Ga., and are on the reawakened Kindercore label. While a few people picked up on them when they put out album earlier this year, they deserve another boost. It may be a little hard to get over the fact that they sound like the Decemberists, but try–and then realize, depending on how you feel about that band, that King of Prussia either a) work a similar but more ADD and equally mature thing as Meloy and Co., or b) have all the musical ambition of the Decemberists without Meloy’s smug eleven-year-old-nerd thing. The coda of “Spain in the Summertime,” which is on the band’s MySpace page, is like a hand massage from a sorta cute Scientology volunteer. And we’ve posted two MP3s below: “Misadventures of the Campaign Kids” is about young love while electioneering (think Radiohead if Thom Yorke didn’t have the political sensibilities of a petulant college sophomore), while “Terrarium” is beautiful and shifts on a dime:

King of Prussia [Myspace]

  1. brasstax

    I didn’t know Kindercore was back. boo-yah!

  2. MameDennis

    Thanks to 3hive, King of Prussia has been on heavy rotation in my iPod for some time… “Save the Scene” is a really great summer album, well worth the effort to track it down.

    “Campaign Kids” is ridiculously great… catchy as all hell, wonderfully sly lyrics, *and* it conatins a totally gratuitous Tony Danza reference.

  3. MTS

    Wait, is this the same King of Prussia that floated around the Philadelphia music scene a few years back? They were pretty great.

  4. i wonder why comments have been disabled? Nobody told me why.

    yeah where exactly do i get this album…

  5. SlimShadenfruede

    Thanks. Sorry to plug my blog but I’m just starting out: []

  6. MameDennis

    Petrarch, they had it for sale on their MySpace page, but it looks like it’s not there anymore… the Kindercore site doesn’t have it (yet?)…

  7. cstmr srvc

    prussian blue? kindercore? oh wait. nevermind.

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