Remember When World Records Actually Meant Something, Man?

Meet Suresh Joachim, the professional world-record-breaker (no, seriously–he already holds 35, including “Longest distance spent traveling on escalators”) who is currently trying to top the “longest karaoke marathon” world record of 25 hours and 45 minutes. Today he appeared on Live With Regis & Kelly to launch his attempt, inspiring Ripa to go into some off-key questioning of her own. (Dear Kelly: Please never sing again, even though we never watch your show.. Thanks.) But clearly, this guy is completely undeserving of even attempting this achievement, much less holding the karaoke world title–dude is so rhythm-challenged, he can’t even get into the groove of “Right Here Waiting.” You know, the Richard Marx song. Can you feel the trainwreck that’ll be brewing when someone decides to have him lend his vocals to “Da Butt”?

Live With Regis And Kelly [Official site]