Courtney Love Will Not Be Oppressed By Your Standards of Beauty


Somewhere in the middle of Courtney Love’s MySpace blog update today–searching for the key to unlock this most recent collection of glyphs, symbols, and totally made up words, just as one of us went crosseyed–your two Idolators had a weird, headache-inducing moment: We realized we were kind of agreeing with some of the points this terminally batshit lady was making. The subject was the rumors about Courtney’s ever-fluctuating weight–delicately sidestepping the issue of, you know, drugs and stuff in favor of discussing the relative merits of cupcakes (she’s nominally pro)–and the media’s obsession with body size:

i think i lost so much weight so fast that it affected my face , ive put on 10 pounds ( thank you Sprinkles cupcakes wic h i must admit are overrated) bad carbs and every ensure is 250 cALories, drinking 8 a day, tons of antioxidents and good stuff plus carbs GOOD casrbs and its made my cheeks and mouth not so sunken, maybe my goal weight was too much, at 510, i dunno it seemed a very healthy weight according to my dr ande me,

510? Really? That’s an awfully suspicious target weight there, Court.

Anyway here’s where I snip approximately 10,000 words where she waxes about adrenal glands, lipstick, getting dissed by Kim Gordon, the possible location of Atlantis, her plans for a Courtney clothing line, and a code to get 100 extra lives in Paper Mario.

however i must point out the hypocrisy of this crazy hysteria about my weight- i saw a photgraoph of Kiera Knightly recently a series, in one she is wearing a white top has about a 5 foot lomng midriff and a pair of size 0 jeans,that are too big, and IM too thin? i know exactly what a certaibn “perfect” movie star has to caloric intake per day-no more than 700 cals- shes far thinner than me- were the sam eheighth as well- wtf? even Oscar Nominees here and there weigh 20 lbs les sthan me, and i never ever sia di was some pop tart singing griunning dancing “enjtertainer” did i?, when is it my job to be Heidi Klum? of cours ei love a good shoot or cover, who doesnt? but in the context of playing live, it aint purdy it aint ever gonna be it aintt he cover of OK ! magazine , third song sweat with mascara running down cheeks! its what it is, iwa snever puttingasses in seats due to my great and epochal beauty. Read “Addicted to Perfection” by Marion Woodward, its aloifesave and helps so miuch on how to reach your own self esteem and how not to respond to external foprces but to keep yourself to yourself and to take your self esteem unlimimted unshakebale and from within. Noones going to mistake me for Eva Longoria, and my god i am truly hAppy to be who and what i am with my life an dmy expirience i can do so many things help so many people and make such a beautiful clothing line too! and maybe finish this dammed sript one day…

I’ve read fourth grade book reports with a stronger grasp on following through with your thesis statement, but at compared to her last few entries, this is Steinem-level insight. And if you squint and say a little prayer, you can almost see the (slightly less bananas) Courtney of old.

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