MTV So Desperate For VMA Viewers, It’s Calling On Memories Of Music Bloggers

As I noted earlier, MTV is hoping that someone–anyone?–out there in the viewing audience has enough of a longish-term memory to remember Kanye West’s European VMA freakout last November, which happened after his video for “Touch The Sky” lost the best video of the year award to Justice vs. Simian’s “We Are Your Friends.”

So Kanye and Justice were both nominated for Video of the Year, and the brain-dead VJ hosting today’s VMA nomination special even referenced the whole kerfuffle and the possibility of a “rematch,” despite there being zero evidence of the guy actually having knowledge of any pop-culture minutiae that lives outside of his teleprompter. Which means that Justice’s improbably nominated “D.A.N.C.E.” is likely going to take the prize, just so Kanye can reprise his on-stage tantrum and then, I don’t know, join the also-improbable nominees Peter, Bjorn & John for a song or two. (And also so people can stop referencing “This Note’s For You” as the “craziest” VMA winner of all time, too, I guess.)

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