Britney Mistakes Video Shoot For 2-for-1 Drinks Night At Fat Tuesdays

britters.jpgDrunk off her ass on mojitos (and a little Jack) following a video shoot wrap, Britney Spears proceeded to pull her junk out of her shirt and grab the first warm body nearby like she was suddenly at Daytona spriiiiiing breaaaaaak. Humping all over some poor extra in a swimming pool before trying to pull a Mrs. Robinson in her skivvies, she’s apparently recommitted herself to continuing her shameless streak of dissaociative behavior, despite signs last week that she might actually be pulling her act together. While Brtiney’s impromptu makeout victim is obviously a d-bag who called the tabloids first thing (he should have been calling the free clinic), I do salute him for choosing to take his drunk friend home rather than sticking around to seal the deal. It’s never cool to take advantage of a drunk girl, and you just know Britney’s the kind of one-night stand who wants to start picking out china patterns the next day.

My Romp With Topless Britney [The Sun]

  • ascot-revival

    “Hey you! Extra in the pool! Wanna see my cooter? I squeezed a Jayden James and a Sean Preston through there!”

  • heyzeus

    When did Idolator become the National Enquirer?

  • Thierry

    @ascot-revival: Extra: “Again? No, thanks. I still haven’t recovered from the first 400 pictures of it inadvertently catching my eye.”

  • Tenno

    The moment he orgasmed I’m sure he’d have a sudden, uncontrollable urge to chew tobacco. She’s the new ‘Bodysnatchers’ folks.

    -_- I would have drownded both my friend and her and totally spent the night in the suite ringing up the bill.

  • Al Shipley

    @heyzeus: Yeah, I think Idolator should go for a Pete Doherty-style moratorium on Britney news, at least until she puts out a song/video to make fun of. Defamer can cover all the other crazy shit she does.

  • nonce

    Whatever happened to 2004′s self-recorded “comeback single” Mona Lisa? If that’s what she sounded like 3 years ago, I can’t imagine what 2007 Britney would soung like. Probably like “a hook with no words.”

    Also, I have a copy of this (Mona Lisa) but don’t know how to get it on teh Internets. Anyone have a trainwreck-centric blog?)

  • Tenno

    Nope. I write about manga, porn and videogames. Sorry.

  • blobby

    Or maybe “a hooker with no brain”. Ba-zing!