50 Cent Flips Out About The Lack Of Curtisy Interscope Is Giving Him

Last night, 50 Cent’s collaboration with Robin Thicke, “Follow My Lead,” leaked to the Web, not even a week after 50′s high-budget, high-cleavage clip for the Justin Timberlake/Timbaland track “Ayo Technology” was released. The video for “Follow” is another high-budget affair–Dustin Hoffman as a shrink?–and the song, which shows off 50′s “sensitive” side, actually isn’t that bad (at least on the Curtis curve). But according to MissInfo, when 50 found out the clip leaked, he went on an electronics-throwing binge at the G-Unit offices in New York:

according to my source, right before 50 threw the phone out the window, he yelled you’re f-ing everything up, youre messing up my look, my album, so you know what, I’m on f-in vacation now. F- you and F- Interscope……
Here’s the inside story. Allegedly someone inside the Interscope camp is about to lose their job or their head because a video of 50′s 3rd single, called “Follow my Lead” featuring Robin Thicke just leaked to the web. Mind you, this single isn’t supposed to come out until October….after 50′s album drops and after his Justin Timberlake collabo dies out. But now 50′s carefully laid plan is all messed up and when he found out about the leak he flipped so crazy that told the head of Interscope that he’s boycotting all promo all media and possibly leaving the label… right now? Less than a month before the album drops?
But obviously its retarded to have both the 50/Justin song out and the 50/Robin song out at the same time. Plus, how you gonna have a video out for a song that isnt even out yet? No wonder 50 went bonkers.

According to G-unit sources, 50 said F- Interscope and broke out without a trace. And I just saw a photo of the plasma ripped off the wall.

So what’s going on at Interscope? Is there someone working there who just really wants to see Curtis flop, by any means necessary? Or did someone actually leak “Follow My Lead” out of panic–”Ayo Technology” hasn’t yet cracked the hip-hop charts or the Billboard 100, although “I Get Money” is slowly climbing the Hot R & B/Hip-Hop Songs chart (it’s at No. 39, up from No. 49)–and jump the gun, hastily releasing a song where 50 co-stars with someone who’s recognizable to mainstream pop fans?

The timing for all this is even more curious, given that yesterday, 50 said in an interview with SOHH that “If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I’ll no longer write music. I’ll write music and work with my other artists, but I won’t put out any more solo albums.” (The soundbite even got picked up by Rush & Molloy.) Maybe someone took that statement as a threat and a promise, and decided to speed along the process toward relegating 50 to the CEO’s office. Or maybe this is all a stunt within a stunt within a stunt! Because 50′s vow of press silence aside, I have a feeling that there is no way this is over, what with there still being 32 days until Sept. 11 and the amount of schadenfreude he’s built up.

Miss Info Exclusive….50 Cent wilds out on Interscope [MissInfo.TV]
50 Cent – Follow My Lead (Ft. Robin Thicke) [Official Video] [YouTube]

  • Chris Molanphy

    Musically, this doesn’t work for me, and I am trying to grade on a curve. The first verse, in particular, is awful. I actually had to go back and listen to “21 Questions” to remind myself that Fitty could ably rap on a love song. I dunno, the falloff on all of these singles is pretty steep. I’m increasingly starting to think Kanye has a chance to win this matchup handily.

    As for the leak, I imagine someone at Interscope is just trying to replicate what worked on Get Rich and Massacre – they leaked multiple singles to radio (there was no YouTube then), and they all got play simultaneously. At one point in the Massacre release, 50 had something like six or eight singles on Billboard’s R&B chart simultaneously. It pumped up excitement for the album and gave it an air of inevitability. Fitty has been fine with working multiple singles simultaneously before – why’s he suddenly taking the slow-and-steady approach? Has Doug “the Thug” been preaching the anti-leak gospel at him?

  • McCroskey

    Sounds like 50 could use a shot of Absolut Black and a delicious, refreshing Vitamin Water

  • katesilver

    I would’ve preferred Tootsie Hoffman to Stranger than Fiction Hoffman.

  • The Van Buren Boys

    If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I’ll no longer write music. I’ll write music and work with my other artists, but I won’t put out any more solo albums.

    This is really tempting me to go out and buy the new Kanye album the first week. Right now the only thing 50′s album has going for it is his reputation he built with his first two (mostly his first) and that is eroding rapidly

  • Al Shipley

    This video was actually shot months ago, before he decided to delay the album and record new songs, it was originally set to be the follow-up to “Amusement Park.” My guess is the finished video has been floating around Interscope for a while and the leak was inevitable, and probably not even done in a malicious or calculating way, just shit getting into the wrong hands.

    This release date face-off will be really interesting because they both released albums 2 years ago, just before the big dropoff in rap sales, and 50′s album sold twice as much as Kanye’s then, but noone actually liked The Massacre. It’ll be like a litmus test to see whether it matters more that people bought your last album or whether the ones that bought it actually liked it.

  • dollywould

    It’s like 50 just learned how the internet works and he got really, really pissed. I would gladly live in a 50-free world. Team Kanye.

  • blobby

    My theory: Kanye hypnotized 50 and got him to say that shit about never releasing a solo album again, thus guaranteeing Graduation goes platinum within 48 hours after release.

  • Hyman Decent

    Maybe he’ll regret his threat to retire if he’s outsold and fund a secret campaign to buy multiple digital downloads of Curtis, akin to what UK record labels were alleged, earlier this year, to do.

  • Lex_Lewder

    Can I get a Team Kanye t-shirt?

  • gorillavsmarykate

    I remember Amusement Park!!!! I was wondering how this was already going to be the third single.