Taco Bell’s Marketing Department Loves The (Emo) Kids

ronmcd.jpgMcDonald’s is holding parking-lot concerts (why not in the ball crawl?), Taco Bell is shoving burritos down the pieholes of musicians (as part of their egregious “Fourth Meal” plan to make America even fatter), and Burger King is slinging MP3s along with french fries. This podcasted interview with Sherri Daye Scott, editor at restaurant trade mag QSR, and a marketing guy from Taco Bell goes into a little bit more detail about the fast food chains’ latest attempt to paint themselves as “hip” and “with it” and not, you know, large, faceless purveyors of fat-choked snack treats.

I learned that Taco Bell is committed to helping out crappy “emerging” mall emo bands, especially since they’re “already talking about our brand in a positive light.” I also learned that, after notoriously dumping Twista from one of these parking lot concerts a while back, apparently McDonald’s is now more comfortable with Sean Kingston’s sucidal urges, which somehow makes a hamburger company more progressive than than MTV.

Drive Thru Downloads [qsrmagazine.com, via Coolfer]