eltonjohnnnn.jpgNeologism alert: “We’re pleased at CDM to introduce a new verb: to Elton John will hereby mean to unplug from the Web in order to do creative work. No blogging, emergency emails only (heck, ignoring the emergency emails will be even more satisfying), no RSS, etc. In all seriousness, it’s a great idea.” Oh, dude, we are so with you on that last point. [Create Digital Music]

  • the rich girls are weeping


    Now, if we could just get all those baby bands in Brooklyn to Elton John and f’ing practice or something, instead of hanging out on MySpace, that would be awesome.

  • Chris Molanphy

    I’ll be Elton Johnning the rest of this week, on vacation out west. (Think the Mile-High City.) I’m just mentioning this in case somebody misses my wit and wisdom (yeah, right…) or decides to call me out and wonders why I don’t respond.

    I guess, given my planned destination, I could conceivably be Tumbleweed Connecting.

  • Jupiter8

    @dennisobell: A vacation in Denver? My family is there, and it’s been a lot more boring in the Big D since Don’s Dusty Discs closed…any decent record stores left in Denver?