Lupe Fiasco Is Tired

Having dropped the downcast, Thom Yorke-freaking single “Us Placers” (see above) on Kanye West’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape–cute idea, far from an obvious hit–Lupe Fiasco, Kanye, and Pharrell are trying to get labels hyped for a full album from the trio as “Child Rebel Soldiers,” which sounds like a skit that was cut from the M.I.A. album.

Lupe’s also delayed his second album a month and claims he’s turning into a weary soul before his time. ” I’ll do what I have to do to promote my next album, but I’m not enthused about doing seven albums,” he told Billboard. “I’ll do my three, and then I am going to keep moving to the next phase of life and maybe grow trees.” Have we already lost the snotty skate rat we all fell in love with a year ago?

Lupe, Kanye, Pharrell Hoping To Make Full Album As CRS [Billboard]

  • Chris N.

    “Grow trees”? Is that a euphemism?

  • DavidWatts

    The truth is that as soul-crushing as this shit is for us drones, it’s honestly more soul crushing for the artist. Except that they’re rich and famous.

  • catdirt

    and our nation’s pink polo shirt retailers hold their breath in quiet anticipation…

  • dutchtwista

    @Chris N.:
    let’s hope so…his manager ran into a few problems dealing “horses” on the side

  • uncleezno

    Is it just me, or does Pharrell ruin everything he touches? C’mon, you can’t use ‘eye’ and ‘eyedrop’ within two seconds of each other!