Cell Phones At Concerts: They’re Probably Here To Stay

Aug 15th, 2007 // Comment

RotaryCell.jpgThe Times today has a rundown of the new, exciting ways that cell phones are being used by marketers at concerts, most of which involve dangling a contested carrot (like a trip to see Korn in California–second prize is actually two trips to see the band) in order to give those marketers something even more “sacred” (their words, not ours) than the buck-ninety-nine fans shell out to enter these giveaways: Personal data. Also, Matthew Knowles is so over the whole Beyonce-falling-captured-by-thousands thing, he’s now telling reporters that he loves seeing cell phones in the air at concerts. Hey, we loved chronicling that game of Whack-A-Mole, too, but come on, Matthew, please don’t encourage them! Sheesh.

They’ve Just Got to Get a Message to You [NYT]

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