Aug 15th, 2007 // 5 Comments

This YouTube clip of Clay Aiken being whipped while singing “SexyBack” was, perhaps, best summed up by former Idolator guestblogger Eric Harvey: “Jesus, it’s like a young Charles Nelson Reilly.” Or Paul Lynde. Or Rip Taylor. You get the picture. [YouTube via PopEater]


  1. Weezy F Baby

    wow. not to mention it looks like he packed on an extra 25 completely to the midsection.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    Hey. It happens.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    Oh, but about the video: what in the holy hell? I’ve seen drag shows less queeny.

  4. AL

    who’s the twink directing the orchestra?

  5. janine

    …and I’m to believe that Tay Zonday is being publicly embarrassed.

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