Alt-Rock Kids Doing Better Than Most Alt-Rock Bands

Aug 15th, 2007 // 4 Comments

nevermind.gifIf you don’t feel old enough already, MTV has a story about various little kids snapped for the covers of well-known modern rock albums, updating us as to what’s happened in their lives since their childhood brushes with the music industry. The rugrats featured on such famous albums as Nevermind, Korn’s debut, and the Violent Femmes’ first LP now seem to be uniformly upstanding citizens–the Nirvana infant is a high school junior who surfs, sells juice smoothies, and wants to be a pilot, while Kurt Cobain is still dead–proving that at least some folks came out of the alt-rock generation well-adjusted and productive. Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment I’m going to go check the mailbox for my copy of AARP Magazine.

Iconic Album Cover Kids [MTV]


  1. Jay

    I did always wonder what ever happened to the sheep on the cover of Pearl Jam’s “Vs.”

  2. shelo

    The photo of the Nirvana baby accompanying the MTV article turned him into a eunich!

  3. Hyman Decent

    Didn’t I (just barely) read recently that Pearl Jam (and I suppose everyone else) had lost touch with the kid who starred in the “Jeremy” video and didn’t know what he was up to?

  4. heyzeus

    I won’t be able to sleep at night until I know what happened to the bee girl.

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