50 Cent Gets Almost As Bent Out Of Shape Over Dumb Lists As Bloggers Do

Aug 15th, 2007 // 10 Comments

Last week 50 Cent was saying that MTV could “suck his dick,” but apparently such concerns are pushed aside when the CEO-like rapper has an album to flog. Sort of. In this clip (since removed, but there’s an excerpt on MTV.com), he sits down with MTV’s Tim Kash and spends a good five or six minutes whining about his lower-than-No.-1 placement on the channel’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list, which was the original reason for his outburst, even though he’s also claiming that he’s “only in competition with 50 Cent.” So confusing!

Elsewhere in the interview, he talks about his freak-out over the leak of his video with Robin Thicke and keeps alive his claim that he’s going to be No. 1 on the charts when the Billboard 200 comes out on Sept. 19–despite simultaneously going back on his promise to quit making albums if he doesn’t hit the top spot. (Maybe he finally read his e-mail from Kenny Chesney?)

50 Cent Explains Last Week’s Blowup, Says ‘I Will Be #1 On September 11′ [MTV]
50 CENT MTV NEWS INTERVIEW [Dailymotion via Nah Right]


  1. Anonymous

    More from the MTV article:
    “While he called West a talented producer, he also said the Chicago MC is a ‘worker bee’ while he’s a ‘boss’.”

    Does that make Chesney the “queen bee”?

  2. Lucas Jensen

    He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. McCroskey

    Even if 50′s only in competition with himself, he still loses

  4. Audif Jackson Winters III

    #1 for marble-mouthed flow

  5. FionaScrapple

    It bears repeating…Hip-Hop is dead.

  6. The Van Buren Boys

    Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike him any more….

    I love it when he equated how good he is to how many albums he sells. Pathetic.

  7. The Van Buren Boys

    @The Van Buren Boys: By that logic Fergie would be the modern equivilant of Aretha Franklin. *throws up*

  8. DavidWatts

    IT’S JUST A LIST ON MTV, Fiddy. Relax. Anyway, arguing with some 19-year-old Limey isn’t going to make Ayo Technology a better song.

  9. Lucas Jensen

    Content removed!

  10. the earl grey

    i love the crawl messages in I Get Money video- like times square zipper

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