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Aug 16th, 2007 // 2 Comments

mikejones.jpgEven after his own label gave him the runaround, Major League Soccer has given Mike Jones a home as part of an initiative where an MLS teams pick their most favoritest band or musician, then that musician writes songs with the team in mind. Are people watching televised, major league futbol yet in this country? (Aside from U.S. Weekly-style Beckham-watch.) I thought it was a ratings brick, despite the fact that millions of young people play it every day. That might explain why MLB gets Scott Stapp (horrible musical tumor, but a known quantity) and the NBA and NFL could probably snag any rapper it wanted. Meanwhile, MLS gets OK Go.

Adidas and MLS Make Music Online [Adweek]

  1. MikeToole

    People aren’t watching MLS on television in big numbers yet, but the interest is snowballing– the league has a profitable TV deal for the first time this year, with ESPN and Telefutura on board. All of this was signed in the pre-Beckham era to boot, so it’s not just down to hype.

    This initiative by Adidias is a follow-up to last year’s MLS Mashups, in which a song was composed for the teams in the playoffs by taking local bands and remixing them “head to head”– i.e. New England played Chicago in the semifinal, so we got a Boston act and a Chicago act mixed up together (these were not major artists).

    I’m OK with this, as it’s the sort of marketing the league has never had. Incidentally, if anyone out there likes the sport and has an MLS team in their neighborhood, go and see a game. You don’t know what you’re missing!

  2. PeterBjorn&Yawn

    I know that its your job as internet bridge trolls to be snarky and knee-jerk… but Bad Brains, the Rapture, Polyphonic Spree, and RJD2 are on there as well. Bad Brains!

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