Wendy’s Commercial, Songwriting Credits Leave Violent Femmes Bassist A Little Frosty

Aug 16th, 2007 // 6 Comments

frosty.jpg Femmes bassist Brian Richtie has lobbed a hot stuffed baked potato of a lawsuit at lead singer Gordon Gano, claiming he should be recognized as co-owner of many of the Femmes’ most popular songs–possibly after being pushed over the edge when he heard “Blister in the Sun” being used to hawk jr. bacon cheeseburgers–and demanding a recount when it comes to royalties and whatnot. Gano says he’s taken aback by the claims since things are still amicable enough among the band to tour. Personally, I think Ritchie is just bitter over Wendy’s phasing out the Superbar. I know I am.

Violent Femmes Embroiled In NY Lawsuit [AP via Yahoo]

  1. rocknrollwife

    As a MKE’n, I can tell you from first hand experience: Ritchie is an ass. A ten-ton prick.

  2. McCroskey

    Someone should sue Lynard Skynard for letting Kentucky Fried Chicken use “Sweet Home Alabama”

  3. Lucas Jensen

    The Superbar was it.

  4. Whigged

    @McCroskey: Someone should sue those guys touring this summer who stole their name from Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  5. TheMojoPin


    I’ve never been able to figure that out. “Alabama” is in the goddamn song title, yet it’s the theme song for a bucket of grease from Kentucky.


  6. Nicolars

    Maybe he’s just looking for a lifetime supply of frosties.

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