Penisgate Day 2: The Nirvana Infant’s Manhood Has Been Restored

Aug 16th, 2007 // 2 Comments

nopenishere.jpgOur readers proved to be hard at work when they noticed that MTV had lopped off the widdle weenie of the iconic Nevermind infant. Well reader Jim Treacher has since noted that the penis has sprouted again, with MTV reinstating the original image. Good job, y’all. You deserve a stiff drink, even if the word “p—s” remains circumsized in the article itself. Some of you may think we’ve milked this penis thing for all it’s worth, but we’ll never go soft when it comes to issues of censorship.

  1. nonce

    The penis was actually back up when I clicked on the link late last night, but I felt weird treating penis-reappearance as breaking news.

    This still doesn’t answer the essential question, though: whatever happened to Bee Girl? I have been wondering this ever since I saw Little Miss Sunshine a few days ago.

  2. Jim Treacher

    It’s HARD work, but somebody’s got to DO IT. Hhhhhhuh-huh…

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