MTV Attempts To Redefine Its Acronym Yet Again

Aug 16th, 2007 // 24 Comments

mtv.jpgAccording to an MTV employee-slash-Gawker informant, MTV is having a big meeting this Monday featuring champagne and the answer, once and for all, to the question that many of us have been wondering about for some time now:

We’re all scheduled to attend a mysterious “What does M stand for” MTV meeting at Milk Studios on Monday. No one has any idea what it’s about. It’s so weird, there are brightly-colored posters all over the halls with big letters saying “What does M stand for?” People have been defacing them by adding their own creative answers to the questions. My fave: A picture of (Ricardo) Montalban.

Well, this is a question we’ve been wondering about for a while, too, and we can’t wait to see what sort of Lovemark this meeting is going to result in. (Anyone else remember the whole “musical television” debacle? Although given the relative success of High School Musical to everything else in the biz, perhaps it was prescient.) Anyway, it’s a good thing the powers that be allegedly shelled out for champagne, which always makes awkward news go down easier. For now, take your guess at what MTV’s new branding initative will be:

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Is MTV Saying Goodbye To Music? [Gawker]

  1. Dickdogfood

    M is for mundane.

  2. TheContrarian

    Masochism TV.

  3. The Van Buren Boys

    You really should have put NSFW next to the last choice so I wouldn’t click on it. Actually, you should have put NSFL (Not Safe For Life). That guy seriously needs to go away.

  4. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Dial M for Muderousness

  5. dippinkind


  6. Al Shipley

    “Made,” “Making The Band 4″ and “My Super Sweet 16″ should have been options.

  7. FionaScrapple


  8. Axl Rosenberg


  9. Adam Bernard


  10. Lucas Jensen

    Manfred Mann.

  11. Maura Johnston

    @GovernmentNames: I didn’t want to encourage them.

  12. bejizzle

    M arketing

  13. nonce

    Manipulative. Mercenary. Mmmph!

    The last time MTV entered my consciousness was when I heard about “True Life: I’m Autistic!” and I wondered how long it must’ve taken them to find a “hott” autistic person.

    (Us autistics don’t tend to spend too much thought/time on grooming, etc., though there are exceptions.)

  14. Bob Loblaw

    Mapplethorpe. I WANT MY TASTEFUL NUDES!

  15. musicquizking

    Morrissey silly!

  16. Silverfuture


  17. Silverfuture


  18. Silverfuture

    Multiple posts.

  19. Silverfuture

    multiple posts.

    Or Milonakis.

  20. AL

    How about “Majorly sucks balls”?

  21. conave

    Music: they are going to use a band to promote their reality slate each week.

  22. MTS


  23. Tenno


    Cry. Cry.

  24. Rilo-Andy



    Man, what’s on Fuse?

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