The New Eagles Song! It Sucks! Surprise!

eagles.jpgIt should, however, be friggin’ huge on country radio. Yes, the birds have crapped “How Long,” the debut cut from their 28-years-in-the-making reunion LP, onto the heads of unsuspecting radio listeners today and fans will be pleased that music has apparently not changed a whit in nearly three decades. Employing the same easy-rollin’ harmonies and tastefully twangy guitars–and still sounding like it should be soundtracking the opening credits to a b-list ’70s buddy flick starring James Garner–it’s just jaunty enough to fufill Joe Walsh’s stated intention of keeping the album from getting “too ballad-y.” (And yeah, of course it would be totally silly for a band like the Eagles to update their music for today’s hot trends, but that doesn’t do you a lot of good if you think they’ve always sounded like sorghum injected directly into the ear canal.) If you don’t have a Sam’s Club card–one of only three places where the album and single will be available along with Wal-Mart and the group’s official site–you can check out the song on the band’s ugly-ass MySpace page.

Eagles Unveil New Single, Album Release Date [Billboard]

Eagles [Official Site]

  • PengIn

    I’m with The Dude on this one.

  • Jupiter8

    I’m glad they are only selling at WalMart-I was going there anyway to return my kid’s Dora the Explorer toys.

  • Kate Richardson

    So you’re saying that this song doesn’t give you a peaceful easy feeling?

  • drjimmy11

    haven’t listened to this but I’m sure it sucks.

    however they wrote some great songs in the 70s and the knee-jerk hatred gets a little silly at times. The worst i can really say about them is that maybe they took some credit and sales that rightly belonged to Gram Parsons.

  • graeffufighting

    The Dude:”Come on, man. I had a rough night and I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man!”

  • Jupiter8

    Funny you’d say that, I’d stayed away from listening to Gram Parsons for years because I’d read so many comparisons to the Eagles. They may have written some great songs in the 70s but I am sure sick of the only ones that ever get played.

  • mike a

    So if this is a cover of a 1972 J.D. Souther song, that means we still have a shot at a whole CD of “Get Over It”s. Yay!

  • The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    @PengIn: It’s true.

  • syd

    I’m actually going to go out on a limb and say it’s like 15% a good song—that “how long, how long” part, those gooey harmonies, I dunno…kind of gets me. I know I’m going to be taken to mccarren pool and strapped to the indie crucifix for saying that…but yeah, the rest of the song, notsomuch.

  • MJ

    It’s just so… harmless.

  • mike a

    Honestly? Not so bad on first listen. The verses are OK attempts at Gram Parsons-lite; I agree with the previous poster who suggested that the Eagles ripped large chunks of their sound from Parsons. Then the first generic chorus comes in, and then Don Henley takes a lead vocal, and then I tune out. Still, one thousand times better than “Get Over It.”

  • brainchild

    i haven’t listened to it but it can’t be any more horrid than Babyface’s new cover of “Fire & Rain”

    oh, and isn’t saying “ugly myspace page” a little redundant?

  • Hyman Decent

    Wikipedia says the song was written by J.D. Souther.

  • Lucas Jensen

    All I’m saying is this: some genius put in “Take It Easy” the other night at karaoke and it awakened a rather moribund session. It killed.

    Shouldn’t have kicked things off with “Paranoid Android”.

  • jayladdin

    I dunno. You say it sucks, but then don’t really say anything in your post to really back up such a strong statement. However, you do have it right that this is the same old Eagles sound, which means that if you already hate the band, this isn’t going to change your mind, and if you like the band, you’re gonna love this song.

    I like The Eagles and I like this song very much. I’m a little disappointed it’s a cover, but then again, if they have to cover somebody, it might as well be Souther.

  • Thierry

    The 1972 JD Souther copyright probably explains why it would fit nicely between “Take It Easy” and “Already Gone” on an Eagles mix – after all, Souther was all over the credits of many Eagles songs. And yet, his finest contribution to music will always be to have inspired Judee Sill to write “Jesus Was A Cross Maker”.

    Still, it’s not bad as far as The Eagles go, though I can’t imagine it changing anyone’s mind about the band.

  • natepatrin

    There’s a lot of loathsome qualities about the Eagles, but it’s a bit unfair that they’re constantly pilloried as the worst band of the ’70s — or even a reason to hate that entire decade — when Chicago has escaped unscathed.

  • queensissy

    @natepatrin: Good point – colour my world…

  • cerulgalactus

    Good lord. I hate the fuckin’ Eagles.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Walsh is the coolest thing about the Eagles, period. I like to think he hangs out with those cock puppets for laughs.

  • MrStarhead

    It’s not so much terrible as it is aggressively generic. It’s like they built four robots, programmed them with the complete Eagles catalog (and Timothy B. Schmidt’s solo work), then asked them to perform a song. Then they hired a song doctor to “mainstream” it a little more for country radio.

  • drjimmy11

    yeah well blame classic rock radio for not changing its playlist for the last 20+ years.