Ozzfest: Giving Kids Their First Taste Of Eventual Prison Life

Aug 17th, 2007 // 1 Comment

In the 900th report of mass arrests at an Ozzfest stop over the last few months, almost 100 metalheads were fingered for underage drinking and other rowdy behavior at a tour stop in New Jersey. It’s almost like the cops have realized that drunken teenagers would congregate at a free outdoor metal show. Kids from 11 to 111 were arrested, either for being intoxicated or just getting too damn hype in the mosh pit or other forms of civil disobedience. Still, even though I seem to have moved into the only town in the state without a bar, you have to love my adopted home, where the newspapers’ headline writers choose the more poetic “arrested for booze” over the functional “arrested for underage drinking.”

More Than 80 Arrested For Booze At Ozzfest [Trentonian]

  1. Tenno

    I’m sure some of them were just doing their ‘hilarious’ Ozzy impression at the wrong time.

    “Mumble mumble fucking Jack!”
    “Hey that kids drunk! Get him!”

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