The Elvis/Lisa Marie Video: Infants, Handguns, And Shitty Blocking

Aug 17th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Well, the video for the Elvis/Lisa Marie duet on “In The Ghetto” dropped and the single hit iTunes, and it’s more maudlin that we could have even dreamed. The song itself is just a semi-awkward imposition of a new, but not awful, vocal by Lisa Marie on top of dad’s original, just as advertised. But the video features gurning close-ups of Lisa’s anguish-wracked, tear-streaked face in “artful” (read: a lot of cockeyed framing) black and white–it’s like the clip for Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” if it had been directed by a guy whose resume was made up mostly of insurance company ads and one episode of Alias–and (get this) little babies wriggling around in their cribs with handguns. A grim portent!

Video Premier: Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley’s “In The Ghetto” [Spinner]


  1. Jupiter8


  2. Al Shipley

    I bet she’s jealous that Celine already used up the idea of appearing onstage with a hologram of Elvis.

  3. Jupiter8

    She pulled this same stunt a few years ago with “Don’t Cry Daddy” and no one cared then either…


  4. queensissy

    Nice eye makeup. She looks older than her mom in this. I can’t even comment about the babies.

  5. zaky

    Babies…cribs….guns…how contemporary. I also love the “single tear” next to her lip gloss (Heyyy!).

  6. tigerpop

    There has to be a Michael Jackson joke to go with this.

  7. nonce

    I think maybe they made the video so completely horrifying so that the song itself would seem tame by comparison.

    Though the Southern/white over-enunciation of “Get Toe” is always great. It’s like a Boston Brahmin trying to say “trailer park.”

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