Aug 17th, 2007 // 4 Comments

mtv.jpgFrom a commenter regarding the suddenly mysterious “M” in MTV’s name: “M stands for Manifestival, which is what they are calling this all-inclusive meeting. They may introduce some new initiatives moving forward, but nothing groundbreaking.” Manifestival? Is this a joke? If it’s not, well, between this and “Lovemark,” we should probably just throw the wake in memoriam of the English language (not to mention my chosen career) right now. Thanks a lot, marketers!

  1. Nicolars

    “Manfestival” would be a lot more entertaining.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Nicolars: Hubba hubba!

  3. Catbirdseat

    I read it as “MANfestival,” too, but realized that if it was Manfestival, Choire would’ve posted it on Gawker long before it made its way to Idolator.

  4. conave

    Manifestival is the best name for a corporate retreat since a former vp mandated that all retreats shall henceforth be renamed “Advances.”

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