Lily Allen’s Plan To Not Get Noticed By The Press Has A Few Holes In It

Aug 17th, 2007 // 5 Comments


So Lily Allen, hoping to avoid the press after trying to party away her strep throat, had her friends stick her in a plastic bag for her trip between the club and the car. While they were wearing heels. (I’m starting to think this visa-revoking thing might not be such a bad idea after all.) The first person to send her a I’m Not A Plastic Bag tote to commemorate this occasion gets a kiss from me.

Bag lady: Friends carry camera-shy Lily Allen in giant bag to avoid paparazzi [Daily Mail, via NewNowNext]

  1. loudersoft

    why doesnt she just get a popemobile and put a big curtain around it

  2. bedofnails

    Couldn’t she just hide in the holes where Amy Winehouse’s teeth used to be?

  3. Nunya B

    Is this not the funniest thing ever? I want to know where Lily found friends like this so I can go buy myself some of my own.

  4. Katie

    May I point out that the bag is obviously not plastic? Yes? Well there you go.

  5. wring

    hilarious! and awesome, actually.

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