FYI: If You’re Going To Smoke Pot In Public, You May Want To Take The Artillery Out Of Your Van First

Aug 20th, 2007 // 1 Comment

The Atlanta band Helltrash decided to take a breather from their tour of the South the other day, so the guys pulled their van into a truck stop for a smoke break. The first problem with this strategy arose when some police officers who happened to be in the neighborhood noticed that they weren’t exactly smoking Camel Lights, and decided to search their van.

The second problem cropped up during the search, when the cops unearthed two live practice artillery shells, the type that are only meant to be handled by military personnel. Genius publicity stunt for the band, or unearthing of secret military-industrial-music-complex conspiracy? Their tour is still raging on after each member posted a $5,000 bond, so we’re going to go with the former. Still, though, they may want to delete the blog post that says they “only update when they run out of coke” before the trial starts. Just a friendly suggestion!

Atlanta Rockers Arrested With Military Explosives [WSB, via Lucas Jensen]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    I didn’t even notice that blog post. Unbelievable.

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