Listening Station: Fleshquartet Places Robyn In A Slightly Different Padded Room

Aug 20th, 2007 // 2 Comments

flesh.jpgBack in January, I found the credited-to-Robyn track “This One’s For You (Remix)” on Discobelle and immediately got hooked on it, although trying to figure out exactly what said song–a half-crazy, half-breezy bit of pop sugar–was a remix of proved challenging, thanks to its titular vagueness (no, thanks, I’m not looking for old Budweiser ad campaigns, really). I guess my Google skills have gotten a lot better in the last eight months (hooray for small victories!), because I finally found the original over the weekend. It’s by the Swedish string quartet/electropop outfit Fleshquartet, and while it’s not as loose-limbed as the version that I’ve been playing all these months, its glitches and hiccups do provide a pretty plausible alternate soundtrack to Robyn’s breakdown.

Fleshquartet Fläskkvartetten [MySpace]

  1. holdyourownhand

    No way. That remix from last winter was a million times better. I’ve been wondering what the original sounded like, too, and I wish I’d never clicked on that myspace link.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @holdyourownhand: Yeah, I’ve listened to both versions today a bunch and I really do prefer the remix by a lot. (I did say “plausible,” not necessarily “better,” after all ;) )

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