Florida NAACP Gets Crazy Bug Up Its Ass That Stereotype-Riddled Editorial Cartoon Is Offensive

Aug 21st, 2007 // 8 Comments

cartoon.jpgA Florida man has singlehandedly destroyed editorial cartoonists’ rich tradition of racial sensitivity and sane, reasoned discussion of volatile cultural issues with his visual commentary on the current furor over hip-hop’s less salubrious content, which features a slack-jawed black man standing over a murdered “snitch” and calling a little girl a “ho” in pidgin ebonics and a rhetorical flourish about the record industry’s complicity in the upper-left corner. Oddly enough, some people find this white man’s stereotyping a little, you know, off-putting, and the local chapter of the NAACP has put artist Ed Gamble and his paper on blast:

The NAACP president, Charles Anderson, called the cartoon “highly offensive and racist,” according to a Sunday piece by Times-Union reader advocate Wayne Ezell.

Anderson added that not “snitching” isn’t limited to the African-American community, and that the terms “ho” and “nuttin’” are offensive.

“Using the word ‘ho’ was bad judgment, and I regret that I did not edit it out,” said Times-Union Editorial Page Editor Mike Clark.

Ezelll wrote that the cartoon was drawn after police said a “don’t snitch” culture has hurt efforts to solve crimes in Jacksonville, and that a recent “60 Minutes” segment “focused on the growing problem, especially in inner-city neighborhoods, and how some rap artists have encouraged it.”

Gamble acknowledged that the term “ho” is demeaning to women, but added: “I was making a point that rappers are demeaning to women.”

Nothing to bolster the seriousness of your argument like claiming that “nuttin” is as offensive as “ho.” Still, I’m just glad that Imusgate has allowed clods and clowns of all races and creeds to come together to denounce offensive hip-hop on their own indefensible terms, helpfully shooting yourself in the ass when trying to bring attention to real problems like anti-snitching campaigns. Now more than ever we need Al Sharpton’s entertainment oversight committee.

Fla. Paper Apologizes For Use Of “Ho” In Cartoon NAACP Calls “Racist” [Editor and Publisher]

  1. catdirt

    but where is the jew rubbing his hands together in the corner? That’s right- he isn’t there because JEWS CONTROL THE MEDIA!!!

  2. PengIn

    Shouldn’t it be “dat’s a good lil’ ho”? Half-assed racism is killing this country.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Wow, I kinda hate everybody in this controversy. Bathwater, meet baby. Apple, meet orange.

  4. Jay-C

    Still not as bad as the guy who draws the ones on “Page Six” in the Post

  5. natepatrin

    Wait, am I seeing things or is MC Rap Your Life Away actually a Whammy in a dookie rope?

  6. Lucas Jensen

    The NAACP has been engendering false, nitpicky controversies for years (besides having downright corrupt leadership) and doing a disservice to African-Americans for years by ignoring foundational problems in black society like institutional racism and pervasive poverty in favor of straw men like Don Imus.

    Kinda right on this one, though. I think that what makes things seem racist is when a wide net is cast like this: so is BET/Warner the problem here? Or snitching? Or rap music? There are real issues that need to be addressed (like the no snitching culture) that could have been handled without broad caricatures that fail to coalesce into a point.

  7. Bazooka Tooth

    J-ville represent!

  8. Bazooka Tooth

    And seriously, the paper this appeared in is pretty much a right-wing farce; it still prints a daily bible verse in the editorial section.

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