T-Pain’s Country Bear Jamboree

Aug 22nd, 2007 // Comment

In the future, when Emperor Akon is enterining his third decade of unbroken prosperity/benign dictorship and the three good samaritans/brains-in-jars who invented YouTube finally get the nod for their Nobel Peace Prize, the cyborg judges in Stockholm will point to this clip of hacked and reprogrammed animatronic bears and gorillas singing and playing Huey’s “Pop, Lock, and Drop It” remix. Instead of paying off his car loan or donating to a local orphanage or even buying a decent digicam, unassuming auteur christhrash spent his rainy-day money on every member of the Rock-afire Explosion band–which had previously been unnerving parents and children in some godforsaken Showbiz Pizza Palace restaurant–and their stage, setting them up in his basement and painstakingly teaching them to perform “Der Kommissar” and “Champagne Supernova.” I will be forever grateful to I Love Music user gr8080 for posting a link to this positive example of American ingenuity in the pursuit of cheap LOLz.

christhrash’s Rock-afire Explosion YouTube Clips [YouTube via I Love Music]

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