Aug 22nd, 2007 // 1 Comment

logo%20youtube.jpgYouTube is rolling out “overlay ads”–ads that pop up over the bottom half of a video’s screen for about 10 seconds–on the channels of 1,000 content partners today; during trials, the video-sharing site found that these ads had a staggering 75% click-through rate. Sure, these are much preferable to pre-rolls (those ads that air before videos and serve as little more than an annoying obstacle to content) but I have to wonder if part of those “click-throughs” were actually people clicking on the ads in hopes that they would stop messing up the view. Looks like the linked Telegraph story was missing a “who”; 75% of the people who clicked watched the whole advertisement they were led to. This, my friends, is why the world needs more copyeditors. [Coolfer]

  1. chrisb

    Coolfer has it wrong… or the Telegraph article changed since Coolfer quoted from it.

    The article currently says “75% of those who clicked on the overlay watched the entire advert.” That’s not a click-through rate; that’s a completion rate. The number of viewers who actually click on the ad overlay could be quite small.

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