Corpse Paint: It’s Not Just For Racially Motivated Slayings Anymore

Aug 22nd, 2007 // 8 Comments

blackmetalcouture.jpgSo first artsy-fartsy sculptor Banks Violette siphons off some of the kult darkness of black metal, the awesomely unlistenable (if yr not a fan) subgenre that originated in Scandinavia and has since spread like a rat-borne plague to such bleak locations as the South of France and Tasmania, and now Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch has gotten in touch with his inner sense of necro with some metal-derived designs. Check out a YouTube clip from a corpsed-up Herchcovitch runway show after the jump:

I’m not quite sure what’s better, the totally incogruous music or the death threats in the comments box.

No. 1 music mag Decibel, which brought these blackened frocks to our attention, seems totally stymied by this development, but c’mon: gaunt, pale boys with a penchant for make-up and striking ridiculously overwrought poses in front of any available camera? I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened before. The only thing that’s off about this is that Herchcovitch’s collection is dropping in the balmy spring season, though if those nutty church-burning, Wotan-worshipping, totally isolationist BM kids have taught us anything it’s that black metal is a state of mind.

Ravisihing Grimness [Deciblog]

  1. Ned Raggett

    Let me note as a public service that the entry just previous to that
    on the Deciblog — Mario Rubacalba on San Diego’s best Mexican
    restaurants — is a must-read should you find yourself in the city.
    Though I would include Pokez as well, as fellow posters here can confirm.

  2. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    It’s always nice to see black metal, which seemingly prides itself on being the most unabashedly anti-commercial music on the face of the planet, get a shout-out from a Brazilian fashion designer.

    As we speak, Varg is issuing the black metal equivalent of a fatwa.


  3. Lucas Jensen

    Does anybody actually wear anything ever seen on a fashion runway ever?

  4. TheMojoPin



  5. Bob Loblaw

    @Lucas Jensen: I’m wearing Jennifer Hudson’s space bolero as we speak.

  6. srslyallie

    Is that My Latest Novel in the background?

  7. StranglerinParadise

    its sexy, but when you see something down the runway you cant help but feel they are just posers, like middle youth company driven america

  8. DK10

    Tasmania is definitely not bleak. Remote, yes, but bleak, no.

    I’m just saying.

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