Parts & Labor’s New Video Definitely Not A One-Shot Deal

Aug 22nd, 2007 // 3 Comments

Parts & Labor’s twitchy new clip for “The Gold We’re Digging” didn’t use a green screen for its Tetris-like background; according to former drummer Christopher Weingarten (who, it should be said, is a friend of Idolator’s in addition to being a madman behind the kit), filming for the drum-fill on “Digging”‘s chorus alone took 40 takes. In addition to being pretty compelling background-wise, this clip is pretty well-suited to the YouTube age as well; all that stop-motion herky-jerkiness will make any Internet congestion you experience while watching the clip a lot less noticeable.

Parts & Labor – The Gold We’re Digging [YouTube]

  1. Halfwit

    You can see flashes of someone in the background at about :31 and :30 from the end (right at the big freakout)

    Awesome video, decent song, but… argh! What’s the point? If it’s never going to be seen in a format larger than 2″ square, just throw up a grainy live video from the back of a club and call it a “rare and exclusive bootleg”.

  2. Dickdogfood

    It appears they are Wang Chunging tonight.

    Oh, but who am I to be zingy at P&L’s expense? I love love love them, this song especially.

  3. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    I don’t get it.

    All this sort of stuff sounds like a coked-up, day-glo American Apparel nightmare.

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