The Rolling Stones: Old Gods Almost Out Of Newport Lights

Aug 22nd, 2007 // 5 Comments

Here’s a fun game for the afternoon: Count how many news outlets, even playfully, cast the Rolling Stones as avenging rock’n'roll angels because they dared to flaunt a smoking ban at a U.K. show. Christ, I’m a smoker and even I find this shit embarassing. Dear international media: Please don’t reduce unkillable zombie bad-ass Keith Richards to the level of Denis Leary tediously sticking it to anti-smokers because Richards was probably too drunk and/or indifferent and/or old to remember that he couldn’t smoke on stage. Dear Keith Richards: Just because cancer itself would shrivel and die if introduced into your toxic, possibly irradiated body, don’t go teaching the children of Generation Z that smoking is cool. Because it ain’t.

Smoking Stones Show They’re Still Stage Rebels [USA Today]

  1. Jack Fear

    My editor tells me that flaunt and flout are two of the most commonly confused words in the English language.

    Also: Smoking is a filthy habit. Seriously. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  2. drjimmy11

    yeah what bad boys!

    My suburban middle-class values are really threatened by the fact that they smoked cigarettes in the middle of their multi-billion-dollar corporate-sponsored exact-same-setlist-every-night-timed-out-to-the-second-so-as-not-to-violate-11pm-curfews three-utterly-predictable-encores-full-of-songs-from-1964 first-thirty-rows-full-of-lifeless-corporate-comp-ticket-grabbing-zombies-who-couldnt-possibly-give-less-of-a-crap-about-music basically-a-Broadway-musical-at-this-point-for-all-the-spontaeniety-and-danger-involved tour.

  3. drjimmy11

    also, bravo to someone for finally having the balls to point out how tedious Denis Leary is. His fireman show also tries too hard and is crap.

  4. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @drjimmy11: ’64? I doubt they’ve been peppering their encores with “Congratulations” and “Grown up Wrong.”

    Try to get your years right the next time you feel like railing against the Stones in an overly hyphenated fasion.

  5. Lucas Jensen

    @drjimmy11: They still kill it live.

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