Aug 22nd, 2007 // 10 Comments

ayam.jpgVirtual Lower East Side is having a big [party] to celebrate the release of This Is Next and, to quote the Dismemberment Plan, you are invited … VLES is a photo-releastic virtual world that recreates NYC’s Lower East Side. This particular party is going down in the virtual Bowery Ballroom and will include an in-world appearance by members of Of Montreal (your avatar can talk to them, dance with them, vomit on them…yes, seriously) as well as a real concert by the Cold War Kids.” [Subterranean Blog]

  1. the rich girls are weeping

    OMG, don’t encourage people to vomit on Kevin Barnes. That’s tacky.

  2. Jon W

    deep breath.

  3. Jon W

    Couldn’t they have at least made Virtual Williamsburg or was the modeling budget too small?

  4. dippinkind

    what actually might’ve been kinda fun would be if they’d recreated downtown from 1985 or somethin… making a virtual reality version of today’s NYC just seems redundant.

  5. Bob Loblaw

    Making a virtual reality version of today’s NYC just seems masochistic.


  6. bathysphere

    Yeah, so someone I know told me this shit was partially funded by Pitchfork, and so they did that 0.0 review for that Next CD as a marketing plan to get some kind of buzz going. WTF?

  7. so1omon

    How long before the furries show up?

  8. Bob Loblaw

    OMG INDIE ROCK CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!!! It was Ryan Schreiber on the grassy knoll all along.

    (Though I heard he was actually shooting at Har Mar Superstar, the
    great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard and heir to the Scientology throne. At
    the last minute though, Har Mar was pushed out of the way by Leslie
    Feist in a pink wig, whose covert work would later be the inspiration
    for ABC’s Alias.)

  9. Bazooka Tooth

    Please don’t drag The Plan into this stupid cd.

  10. TheMojoPin


    I miss The Plan.

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