The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Cracks The Whip

Aug 22nd, 2007 // 6 Comments


They were so excited about Indy 4, they decided to release their own tribute album in anticipation. Ain’t that cute? Pity about the lawsuit they’ll probably be slapped with.

In Search Of The Fourth Chord [Amazon]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    Oh, man. This is a year too early and 20 years too late. Hey! Is that John Vanderslice on the right?

  2. brainchild

    this just reminded me of that old Lakeside cover. I think it was the Fantastic Voyage album.

  3. The Illiterate

    Considering most of Status Quo’s music, though, the title is hilarious.

  4. OingoBobo

    Lo, the pile of colored-pencil shavings… it beats Common’s Photoshop / Flikr open-shutter mashup. Props to the highschool senior who crafted this gem.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    You missed the headline…
    News Flash: Status Quo Still Releasing Albums

  6. Lucas Jensen

    Well, they are the inspiration for Spinal Tap, right?

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