Aug 22nd, 2007 // 1 Comment

stench.jpgI have no idea what the best part of this story is. That there’s a band with the awesome name Pungent Stench. That the drummer has broken up the band. That he’s broken up the band with a tearful letter because the guitarist is “jealous about my work with the Stench.” That the drummer goes by the names Mr. Stench, Rector Stench, or Sex Slave. Or that his real last name is Wank. Metal always delivers. [Blabbermouth]

  1. pchcowboy

    Odd that this Pungent Stench notice sits next to an opera article. Hollenthon is the epic, opera metal offshoot of Pungent Stench that neglects the S&M imagery and embraces the storied music culture of Vienna.

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