Aug 23rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

trohman.jpgFall Out Boy’s guitarist is totally not embarassed about his private stash of demos being ganked through iTunes by members of Architecture In Helsinki and the Liars. It was also totally okay being pantsed in front of everybody at that pep rally in high school because those jocks are some cool bros who he has a lot of respect for. [MTV]

  1. cassidy2099

    Aren’t you being a bit harsh? Based on the Liars blog, which seemed pretty nice, what other reaction would the guitarist have?

  2. Labtheque

    It’s either that or admit you know as much about computers as your fans’ parents.

  3. Bazooka Tooth

    He “backs” Liars and Architecture? How could anyone who likes Liars look himself in the mirror when he is in that band? Although i have never heard this guy admit to bringing a 50 pound socket converter on tour so he can use his flat iron on his hair, so I guess he’s cooler than the singer.

  4. Josh Mock

    The Liars? When did they add a definite article to their name?
    </band name Nazism>

  5. bedofnails

    I guess he missed the LOL” after their “positive feedback.”

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